Oscar Peterson – A night in Vienna (2004) – Vienna Video

Tracklist: 01 Falling In Love With Love 02 Night Time 03 When Summer Comes 04 Cakewalk 05 Requiem 06 Sushi 07 Wheatland 08 The Backyard Blues 09 Satin Doll 10 Sweet Georgia Brown 11 Hymn To Freedom

16 Responses to “Oscar Peterson – A night in Vienna (2004) – Vienna Video”

  1. Kaoru Sasaki says:

    ナイス!! 好きです☆ このタッチ♪

  2. duosolo1 says:

    Salve Oscar.

  3. Hugo Schreuder says:

    Best jazz pianist the world has ever seen.

  4. jay dutch says:

    WTF! All so amazing

  5. Сергей Каушнян says:

    мне нравится))

  6. Mario Maneri says:

    …da oscar;-))

  7. Rudolfo Rojas says:

    What an excellent concert, typical of the Peterson organization – pro all the way with good syncopation and timing by all. By the way, the very proficient drummer looks like an older version of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie!

  8. pecazp says:

    Ulf Wakenius.

  9. Mike Kroschel says:

    Nice Jazz

  10. Leo Laborda says:


  11. LZMAmzelle says:

    i love it! but who’s the guitar player?

  12. JoeSosa says:

    I got to see him years ago at Rick’s on Lake Shore Drive at was once the Holiday Inn on LSD, Chicago, IL. A great night I will never forget.

  13. Edouard Varlamov says:

    No comments! Great!

  14. awomanwonderful says:

    oh I see…it was Dec. 2007 my mom died in May 2007 so I was consumed.

  15. awomanwonderful says:

    I’m late didn’t know Oscar was dead!

  16. torhus says:

    I think it’s his old Aria


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