On the Roofs of Vienna: CAUGHT BY POLICE on Abandoned Office Tower! – Urbex Lost Places Austria – Vienna Video

published: 2017-11-05 17:00:01

Urban Exploration: Busted by the Police while exploring an Abandoned Skyscraper (English and German subtitles are available!) Episode #79

Thanks S3G Photography for showing us around! Check out his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/S3GVideografie

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The tall logo at the top of today’s abandoned building is a remnant of glorious times. But these have passed. National and international press agencies sent the current affairs from here to the whole world. Today the high-rise is rotting away. Homeless people who found their way inside through pieces of broken glass are spending their nights in the former press center. The police has to move in regularly because of copper thieves and vandals. And this time because of us.

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“Deserted 3” – Johannes Bornlöf
“Kodiak” – Christian Nanzell
“Spinning Chamber Music” – Håkan Eriksson
“Below The Horizon 5” – Bo Järpehag
“Guitar Textures 4” – Rannar Sillard
“Sibyl” – Anders Schill Paulsen
“Level Plane” – Riot
“Chiq” – Niklas Ahlström
“Kermode” – Christian Nanzell

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  2. 4 Vandals in 1 building.

  3. Finally a new vid from you guys!!!!! you got a nice spot, careful with this antennas hehehe, hugs from México

  4. Danke! Endlich Merch. Werde sofort mal schauen, was ihr da für Motive habt.

  5. always look forward to your videos!


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