Staying OPEN @ The Unity Dance Camp 2018 — Vienna, Austria – Vienna Video

published: 2018-01-09 23:01:45

Starting the year off with a deep breath.

We were able to achieve these results within a 3 hour class. Through exercises and discussion, we brought awareness to both the physicality and emotionality that contact improv requires. We are vulnerability in expression and communication and conversation. This exchange that you’re watching specifically prompted the students to have their eyes CLOSED. Thus, we connect to a higher power, in trust of the flow and alignment of the universe, and allow ourselves to fuse with one another. No room for judgement or prejudice, we free ourselves of the conditioning that has been programmed into our vision. In doing so, we ingrain EMPATHY into our movement and submit to pure coexistence and acknowledgment. In this moment we are truth. We are free. We are human. We are OPEN.

I am in awe from the events of this past week. I feel reinvigorated and inspired to continue on this journey through movement, artistry, and connectivity with others. Thank you from the ceiling of my heart, to the students, teachers, organizers, everyone involved. I am blown away by this trip, it felt like it flew by too quickly but it also seemed like so much had happened in a matter of days, almost like I had known you all for years… idk where I’m going with this now, but I genuinely hope to reconnect someday soon, friends. Love you all and wishing you the best in your own endeavors. LETS GROW. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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  1. Man, the passion in that class is unreal. 👏👏 Markus you're amazing dude.


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