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published: 2018-05-18 10:30:00

WATCH IN HD (sorry for the first few minutes of blurry clips)
We decided to visit the very beautiful Hallstatt Town from Vienna Austria via OBB train and a ferry. Find out how we did it by watching this travel vlog.

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• Hallstatt Cinematic Video Clips (Hows my filming skills LOL – 4K 60fps really don’t work out for me most especially for panning) – 08:14
• How to get to Hallstatt from Vienna via Train – 00:32
• OBB Train Features and Amenities that will make you say WOW – 04:02
• View from the train going to Hallstatt – 04:24
• Ferry Ride from Hallstatt Station to Hallstatt Town – 05:07
• Catholic Parish Church/Evangelische Pfarrkirche Hallstatt – 06:29
• Cheapest food in Hallstatt – 07:12
• How does Hallstatt town looks like – 08:14
• Best spot to take photo – 10:53
• Hallstatt Cemetery (one of my favorite part of the tour) – 11:38
• Beinhaus Charnel Haus “Bone House” – 13:00
• Going back to Vienna (from Hallstatt town) – 15:11
• Feedback Time and Tips – 17:03
• What you can do in Hallstatt – 07:54
Total Roundtrip ticket cost: 112 Euro/pax
Total travel time: 3hrs 30min

The nearest station in our hotel is Wien Rennwegg Station so we still need to go to Wien Meidling which is one of Vienna’s main railway station – buy ticket going to WIEN MEIDLING before entering and going down the station. You don’t need to validate the ticket anymore (2.40EURO/person). Only ride the S1/S2/S3 trains. Never ride the S7 train because it will go to the airport.

Go to OBB office, tell them that you want to go to Hallstatt. Ask for the timings of each stop so you will still have a guide, they will give you an itinerary for your whole travel duration until you get to Hallstatt.
Go down at Attnang Puchheim. Travel time from Meidling to Attnang Puccheim is 1hour and 56 minutes.

3. Attnang Puccheim to Hallstatt
When you get off at Attnang Puchcheim, go to the designated platform assigned (check the itinerary that OBB office gave you).
When we get there, the train is already waiting for us. Be mindful of the time since the transit time is very less. In our case we only have 10 mins of transit time in Attnang Puccheim. The train from Wien Meidling was also delayed for few minutes so walk as fast as you can LOL.
Also, Hallstatt Station is not the last station for this line so make sure to check the monitors inside the train and set an alarm if you must.

4. Hallstatt Station to Hallstatt town via Ferry
Once you get off at Hallstatt Station, you just need to walk a little bit to the ferry port (no worries there are signages in Deutsch and in English). You will pay 2.50euro/one way/person. Travel time is only 5mins. You need to pay while embarking inside the ferry.

*Going back to Vienna, just follow the same steps. You can buy the ticket from Hallstatt Station via ticketing machine. From Hallstatt Station to Wien Meidling.

THE LETTER/NOTE THAT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU IN HALLSTATT CHARNEL HAUS (click link below – don’t worry its just m IG account LOL):

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Now you are standing in the Hallstatt Charnel House which has been existed since the 12th century. In this Charnel House (Latein “carnarium” = carnies = flesh) there are 1200 skulls. 610 of these are painted and arranged according to family names and are marked with the date of death. As the graveyard was very small, and space was very restricted with no room to extend, the graves were opened again 10-20years after the burial. The skull and large bones which took up a lot of space were removed. The skull was cleaned and bleached by the sun and the moon for weeks, until all signs of decay has disappeared and the skull took on a mild ivory color. As the graves used to be decorated with flowers, the skulls finally came to be painted with floral motives by the undertaker or artists. This was seen as a sign of love. This tradition was started in 1720 AD. The last skull was placed in the charnel house in 1995. It lies to the right hand side, under the cross. It is the skull of a woman who died in 1983 (her gold tooth is still visible). It was her personal wish to be placed in the Charnel House. Today, if someone wants to be placed here they have to make a personal statement to this effect. After 10 yrs of grave rest the skull is removed, chemically treated and painted. The two skulls beneath the cross are painted with a snake, (the symbol of death, the sin of Adam and Eve). Above, you can see the Cross of Salvation. The skulls on the books belonged to priests. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE PAINTINGS Oak Leaves-symbol of glory Laurel -symbol of victory Ivy-symbol of life Roses -symbol of love Today, it's no longer necessary to remove bones from the graves because the number of cremations has increased sharply. Some of the ashes are buried here but there us also another cemetery, specially for ashes (the crematorium in Salzburg). The wish to be placed in the Charnel House is now rare. Traditional grave burial is still practices as ever. The bones remain in the earth and the grave musn't be opened for at least 15 yrs. After this period of time a new body can be laid into the grave. The small rectangular stone grave enclosure is removed. The coffin is then laid horizontally.

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