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Imitation. It’s the secret to winning over any group you want to be part of. I know. I speak from experience. As a restless 14-year-old, my mother informed me that my Thursday evenings were to be dedicated to ballroom dancing. Elmayer is where Viennese families send their kids to learn the essentials – to become salonfähig, presentable in polite company. We would learn how to bow and curtsy, how to greet and say a gracious farewell and, of course, how to waltz. My punk rock and hip hop loving self needed no such reason to rebel, but there it was.

“This is just what you do in Vienna, Maggie,” my mom said. “It’ll be fun.” I wasn’t buying it.

But guess what? It actually was. Alongside all the runaway hormones and sweaty palms (thankfully covered in white cotton gloves), I…

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