A Week in Vienna, Austria | Travel Vlog – Vienna Video

published: 2019-01-04 01:56:41

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We saw many things in Vienna, Austria while we were there over the summer. We were so stunned by the beauty and the vibe that quite honestly we forgot to film most of it. ie… the brief vlog.

It’s a magical city and we can’t wait to head back there someday soon.

Some notables:
– Brau Bar (dinner spot)
– Schonbrunn Palace (the beautiful palace you see in the vlog)
– Flakturm (flak tower)
– phil (cafe and bookstore in Vienna)
– Read article for more awesome recommendations!

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Watch the original Vienna Video here

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  1. Nice work Ian. You guys are living the life!!

  2. Love this! Was in Vienna this summer! How'd you like it?!


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