Zurich to Vienna Mountain Pass – Route 2 of 10 Three Countries (Train Simulator 2014) – Vienna Video

The “Three Country Corner Route” is a tour de force in route design, with stunning scenery, country-specific signalling systems and custom objects throughout. In this video I tackle scenario…
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  1. As a traindriver myself, I always keep 5-10 km/h off of the speed limit,
    and I drive a little bit closer to the speed limit when it’s really
    necessary, when in delays for example… But it’s more comfortable driving
    like that, otherwise you always need to watch your speed, and you focus
    less on the tracks/signals…

  2. NEW VIDEO! Zurich to Vienna Mountain Pass – Route 2 of 10 Three Countries
    (Train Simulator 2014)

  3. I…am…the… 7th viewer xD

  4. is this game actually worth buying or does it have little game play without
    getting loads of dlc?

  5. Hey Squirrel, about that cruise control idea…while a train is moving
    there is a constant state of slack in the cars. Engineering a train is
    “seat of the pants” very much like a pilot would fly his aircraft. You get
    a “feel” for the state of slack in the train and make throttle and brake
    adjustments as necessary based on grade/weight. I just don’t think a
    cruise control could be made intuitive enough to guarantee the passengers
    have a smooth ride. Great video!

  6. My dad Is a train driver for arriva and he says that you start speeding up
    after you hit the 60 it doesn’t matter if you break it a bit 

  7. i wonder if scenario 3 will come out to cristmas when you think about
    episode 1 how long ago it was uploaded :D

  8. I’m seriously considering buying this add-on looks like one of the best and
    most extensive at this moment.

  9. Im from zurich

  10. can you play london tube simulator

  11. hay squirrel u able to give my friend elliot his utube is Xtx Tactics Plays
    a shout out he has been watching evry stream and video since u started war
    thunder thanks kepp the vids up

  12. TRAIN SIM! i missed this series, keep up the good work!

  13. Continue the episode this was quite interesting! :D

  14. Nice scenery on this one, Squirrel! Please do more, more often!

  15. Nice to see you playing a bit of train sim again, that scenario caught me
    out too with the stopping markers.

  16. How many carriages

  17. Great video. This is a very nice train route. Excellent scenery that is
    interestingly different from the UK and US routes.

  18. At least in Germany there is a system on many trains called AFB
    (Automatische Fahr und Bremssteuerung = (engl) automatic drive and brake
    control). There you can set a maximum speed and when you go full throttle,
    the train will only accelerate to this set speed. If you have to decelerate
    just decrease the target speed and the AFB will automatically decelerate to
    this speed.
    E.g. the Munich-Augsburg Addon for TS2014 has modeled this system.


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