Shahrzad's Memory of Vienna – Austria – Vienna Video

published: 2019-05-10 19:31:03

Dear All Politicians;

Correct date is 30th November 2004 that I said by mistake 2007 which is the year of my arrest in United States.

While I understand the “Corruption” via “Oil & Blood Game” will never stop within many of you and you always will find a way to take care of your “Financial Interest” out of Iran, yet kindly note:

1. I am the same business-woman that have met with many officials from different countries concerning my company’s business activity in Tourism field in Muscat-Oman. (SHIN Tours)

2. I chose to stand up against “Iran Regime Corruption & Evil Doings” to my Iranian Nation as well as other nations because I am “An Iranian” and have seen more than enough from them.

3. While internal affairs of any countries except United States, Austria and U.AE who have violated our “Human Rights” for the sake of “Power & Money” is none of my business/interest, yet any country that wishes to support Iran or shut me down, is one of the most corrupt regimes against “Humanity, Love & Justice” like “Iran”.

4. I have secured some back up of my past documents and laptops’ files with some country’s officials since IRIG started their False News about me in May 2019; for which as off now; it seems to me that they are more interested in “Politics” rather than “Justice & Humanity” as due to their biocrasy and system; days, months and years should pass till they get started with looking into my case & secured personal data to realize my statement and personal data was ” The Truth”.

5. I do not wait for all countries’ political games and biocrasy proceedings and hereby I am asking Austrian Authority to publicize “Audio Record” of the meeting that I attended with Mahmoud Seif in Vienna, the tape that they had it during my arrest in Vienna but when they came to my “Double Jeopardy Trials” in United States, they stated “They did not record such meeting”!

6. I am completely “Done” and “The Truth” on all things that I witnessed during past 22 years in any country during my life will keep coming out in case of my death or kidnapping.

Hence, it’s your choice now to either stand by “Shahrzad & Iranian Nation” via avoiding creating obstacles in my way and secure our safety and security in any country that my children or I are your guests, or; stand fast with “Corruption & Iranian Regime” by keep delaying in responding to my past written requests or inquiries!

Shahrzad Mirgholikhan

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