A Friendship In Vienna full 1988 made for tv movie – Vienna Video

A Friendship In Vienna full 1988 made for tv movie

Hard to Find movie as a made for tv movie in 1988 For The Disney Channel. I found if off a old vhs recording I had of it thought I would share it. FIrst aire…

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  1. Thanks Everyone for your views and comments. Was Glad to share this
    wonderful Rare Film with everyone. I was lucky and surprised I still had my
    old disney channel recording of it. Enjoy 

  2. +80sman78 your a Top Man Looked High n Low for this Thanks

  3. Thanks!! I have been looking for this to show to my MS students!!!! I only
    have a VHS BUT it doesn’t fit in my MacBook! :)

  4. Thanks for uploading thisvideo. Remember watching this at 13 years old.
    Never forgot the nazi marching calisthenics the girls were doing in
    school….Seemed unreal but true.

  5. Thank you so much for the upload. I’ve been looking for this film for

  6. Dont Suppose you have The pooch and the pauper 2001 or Mark Twain And me
    Think its from 91 Jason Robards


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