Siege of Vienna 1683 (Documentary) – Vienna Video

At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe. The defeat of the Ottoman Army outside the gates of Vienna 300 years ago is u…

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  1. Even i as a Protestant must say-Thank you Catholic Church for defending
    Europe and Christendom from the Turkish infidel!

  2. The ottomans – apparently a peaceful and tolerant people, bringing about a
    golden age. Not likely.

  3. What a shitty document. Is it joke? Winged hussars never had wings its a

  4. Those who pretend this was a religious war conveniently forget France’s
    alliance with Turkey to destroy the Austrian Empire and Persia’s constant
    war with Turkey.

  5. · Edit

    finaly it was croisant that united Europe…just to make the war story a
    bit soft

  6. I’m glad you posted this documentary! This is one of my favorite battles.

  7. The King of Poland Jan III Sobieski prepared a relief expedition to Vienna
    during the summer of 1683, so honouring his obligations to the treaty. He
    left his own nation virtually undefended when departing from Kraków on 15
    August. Sobieski covered this with a stern warning to Imre Thököly, the
    leader of Hungary, whom he threatened with destruction if he tried to take
    advantage of the situation — which Thököly in fact attempted. Jan Kazimierz
    Sapieha the Younger delayed the march of the Lithuanian army, devastating
    the Hungarian Highlands (now Slovakia) instead, and arrived in Vienna only
    after it had been relieved

  8. I like their clever wording with admitting that the JEWS were in support of
    the invaders. 

  9. This documentary would be better if it didn’t keep on trying to suck up to
    the Turks.

  10. lol george micheal saved christendom?

  11. Didn’t catch it in the documentary if it was there, but an interesting fact
    about the siege is the Polish Hussar cavalry charge is the largest single
    cavalry charge in history.

  12. Siege of Vienna 1683


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